wget -O - | /bin/bash

Install Tools

To see the tools that drumkit can install, and options related to them, run:

$ make tools-help
make composer
  Install Composer.
make composer COMPOSER_REL=1.0.0-beta1
  Install the 1.0.0-beta1 release of Composer.
make drush
  Install Drush.
make drush DRUSH_REL=8.0.5
  Install the 8.0.5 release of Drush.
make behat
  Install Behat.
make selenium
  Install Selenium.

All of them can be installed at once by running:

$ make install

The tools are installed locally in .mk/.local/. The idea here is to isolate them from your local system setup. this should make it easier when working as a team, since you’ll all be using the same suite of local tools.

To use these locally installed tools, run:

$ .mk/scripts/

This will (temporarily) add the local tools directory to your PATH, taking priority over you your normal system installed tools.