Drumkit is a toolkit for developing Drupal sites, modules, themes and profiles.

Quick Start

Drumkit is installed on a project-by-project basis, as a git submodule. To add drumkit to an existing Drupal project, run the following command:

wget -O - | /bin/bash

For further details on installation procedures and options, see the Install page.

Common Commands

Drumkit is built atop GNU Make, a ubiquitous build tool present on all Unixes. As such, all Drumkit commands must be run from the root of your project, and are prefaced by make.

  • make help - Print a help message.
  • make install - Install all tools.
  • make up - Start a VM, in which a Drupal site will be installed and made available at http://localhost:8888.
  • make test - Run tests.
  • make rebuild - Destroy the current VM and re-provision a new one.

Drumkit comes with lots of other commands (GNU Make targets). For more details, see the Usage page.