Drupal 8 Project Type

make init-project-drupal8

This will initialize a Lando-based Drupal 8 project, using the standard Composer composer create-project workflow to initialize a Drupal codebase from the standard drupal-composer/drupal-project

NB As of Drupal 8.8.0, this composer template is deprecated in favour of drupal/recommended-project. Drumkit will shortly update this and/or make the composer template configurable with sane default.

To bootstrap a Drupal 8 project with Drumkit:

mkdir myproject
cd myproject
git init

wget -O - https://drumk.it/installer | /bin/bash
. d
make init-project-drupal8

This will prompt you for some information to populate your project:

  • Project name (no spaces), which will become the first part of the https://[projectname].lndo.site URL that Lando assigns to your project.
  • Site name, the human-readable name for the site (used for make install command, etc.)
  • Database credentials, to feed to Lando to setup and wire into the Drupal install (settings.php)
  • Admin username and password for the site once installed.

Each of these has a default value, and once you’ve entered all of them, Drumkit will proceed with ensuring you have the relevant dependencies to initialize the project- primarily this is Python3 (for Jinja2 templating), plus Behat, Docker, and Lando.

If any packages are missing you may be prompted by sudo for your user password so apt can install them. Then it will call the composer create-project command to initialize the codebase. Finally it will create a handful of default make targets, in the following files, and initialize your .lando.yml:

  • ~myproject/.mk/mk.d/20_lando.mk - lando targets like make start and make stop
  • ~myproject/.mk/mk.d/30_build.mk - composer targets like make build and make update
  • ~myproject/.mk/mk.d/40_install.mk - drush targets like make install

Once complete, you have a fully loaded Drumkit setup to drive your Lando Drupal local dev site.

  make start   # Start Lando containers
  make build   # Build composer codebase
  make install # Run Drupal installer (via drush)

This will get you a working site at https://[projectname].lndo.site.