We maintain the Drumkit documentation site using Hugo. To get started contributing to this project, fork it on Gitlab. Then install Hugo and clone this repo:

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd drumkit
$ git remote add sandbox<username>/drumkit.git
$ make hugo  # this should install Hugo
$ hugo serve

Your local Drumkit docs site should now be available for browsing: When you find a typo, an error, unclear or missing explanations or instructions, hit ctrl-c, to stop the server, and start editing. Find the page you’d like to edit; everything is in the docs/content/ directory. Make your changes, commit and push them, and start a pull request:

$ git checkout -b fix_typo
$ vim docs/content/            # Add/edit/remove whatever you see fit. Be bold!
$ hugo serve                            # Go check your changes. We’ll wait...
$ git diff                              # Make sure there aren’t any unintended changes.
diff --git a/docs/content/ b/docs/content/
$ git commit -am”Fixed typo.”           # Useful commit message are a good habit.
$ git push sandbox fix_typo

Visit your fork on Gitlab and start a Pull Request.