Documentation Contributions

The documentation site you are currently looking at is generated using a Hugo site embedded in the drumkit project in the docs folder.

We maintain the Drumkit documentation site using Hugo. To get started contributing to this set of documentation, fork it on Gitlab. Then install Hugo and clone this repo:

$ git clone --recursive
$ cd drumkit
$ git remote add sandbox<username>/drumkit.git
$ make hugo  # this should install Hugo
$ cd docs # The docs site is contained inside the drumkit project
$ hugo serve

Your local Drumkit docs site should now be available for browsing. The default address is http://localhost:1313/, but hugo will give you the port when it starts. (Sometimes 1313 is already in use, and then it uses a different port). When you find a typo, an error, unclear or missing explanations or instructions, hit ctrl-c, to stop the server, and start editing. Find the page you’d like to edit; everything is in the docs/content/ directory. Make your changes, commit and push them, and start a pull request:

$ git checkout -b fix_typo
$ vim docs/content/            # Add/edit/remove whatever you see fit. Be bold!
$ hugo serve                            # Go check your changes. We’ll wait...
$ git diff                              # Make sure there aren’t any unintended changes.
diff --git a/docs/content/ b/docs/content/
$ git commit -am”Fixed typo.”           # Useful commit message are a good habit.
$ git push sandbox fix_typo

Visit your fork on Gitlab and start a Pull Request.