GNU Make

Most Drupal platform creation refers to Drush makefiles. Drumkit includes a set of GNU Makefiles. Familiarity with Make will allow you to extend and override Drumkit’s functionality. However, for normal usage all you need to know is that all commands are prefaced by make, which invokes GNU Make.


To see what commands are available, run:

$ make help
make help
  Print this help message.
make tools-help
  Print install help for all tools.
make drupal
  Build a Drupal codebase, install a site and start a web server.
make kill-server
  Stop the server running started during site install.
make install
  Install all tools.
make test
  Run tests.
make vagrant
  Add a Vagrantfile.
make up
  Launch Vagrant.
make rebuild
  Destroy the current Vagrant VM and re-provision a new one.

To see the tools that drumkit can install, and options related to them, run:

$ make tools-help
make composer
  Install Composer.
make composer COMPOSER_REL=1.0.0-beta1
  Install the 1.0.0-beta1 release of Composer.
make drush
  Install Drush.
make drush DRUSH_REL=8.0.5
  Install the 8.0.5 release of Drush.
make behat
  Install Behat.
make selenium
  Install Selenium.