GNU Make

Most Drupal platform creation refers to Drush makefiles. Drumkit includes a set of GNU Makefiles. Familiarity with Make will allow you to extend and override Drumkit’s functionality. However, for normal usage all you need to know is that all commands are prefaced by make, which invokes GNU Make.


$ make help-projects
init-project-aegir             Initialize a project for deploying Aegir with Ansible (application only, no infrastructure management).
init-project-aegirvps          Initialize a project to manage full-stack AegirVPS systems on Openstack. 
init-project-ansible           Initialize a project for working with Ansible.
init-project-hugo-docs         Initialize a hugo site
init-project-openstack         Initialize a project for provisioning cloud infrastructure on an OpenStack provider.
init-project-packer            Initialize a packer project.